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Audio Packages

EMT Halloween Horror Stories

In 2018 I was welcomed into the Urbana Fire Department to interview members of the department about their most memorable Halloween nights on the job. Being stationed in the heart of a college campus has left them with both funny and incredible dangerous experiences. The trip was well worth it, as I got a full tour and even got to sit in the front seat of the truck and Jeremy took a picture for my mom (see below). She loved it.

My Ambient Life

In 2018 I was given an assignment to record sounds that I hear in my everyday life. These are just a few of the sounds that describe every day of the fall semester of my sophomore year. From the insanely loud creak of my bedroom door, the sound of the toaster before I headed off to my first class of the day to the sweet sounds of Mamma Mia vocal warm ups, welcome to a day in the life of me. Strap it in.

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